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New final exam schedule creates more conflict for students than advantages

Anna Tischer

May 5, 2018

Students may be celebrating the new policy to dismiss at 12:30 p.m. after their morning finals this week, but Grady and Atlanta Public Schools would have better served students by keeping the traditional schedule of two finals staggered throughout the day and two classes in between each for safety, equity and time management. Although the early dismissal appears to give students more t...

Required classes complicate scheduling for students

Required classes complicate scheduling for students

Joanna Baker

May 4, 2018

Grady offers an extremely diverse range of courses. Now more than ever, students have the opportunity to take courses that interest them and enrich their...

Librarian debunks media center sterotypes

May 4, 2018

Dear Editors, The stereotype of the stern “shushing” librarian demanding total silence is universally recognized and widely regarded as representing outdated attitudes about the purpose of a library. The image is so familiar that when the Seattle-based Archie McPhee Toy Company created the Librarian Action Figure in 2003, everyone around the country got the joke and t...

Atlanta sports look meager but hopeful for future championships

Reid Barry

May 2, 2018

With graduation approaching, the time seniors have to spend together is nearing its end. Along with this, as students depart for colleges all over the country, their mutual support for the same hometown sports teams will also leave.  After all these years, it's time to reflect on what being an Atlanta sports fan would have looked like to the class of 2018.. Grady stude...

Federal voting age should be 16

May 2, 2018

Following the shooting at Santa Fe High School in the southeastern Texas city of Santa Fe, a crime which took 10 invaluable lives on May 18, the school’s other students, faculty, and parents were left to mourn the deaths of their friends and loved ones.  The shooting was only one instance of the multiple school shootings which have occurred in the United States since Columbin...

Should Atlanta really want Amazon?

Jack Rafferty

May 1, 2018

Late last year, Amazon announced that it was seeking a second North American headquarters, “HQ2” and would field bids from cities and metro areas around the US. There were, naturally, a few requirements.  Amazon wanted a metropolitan area with a population of over 1 million, with proximity to a large city, international airport, and major highways and mass transit route...

AP classes more beneficial to students than Dual Enrollment

Morgan Watkins

May 1, 2018

With the fast arrival of AP exams and end-of-the-year tests, many students are stressed beyond belief. Hours of studying, countless late nights and cups of coffee have some questioning their mere decision to take AP classes. With the demanding coursework and fast tempo, it is no surprise that these courses can be somewhat off-putting. However, AP classes remain superior to dual...

New final exam schedule allows for more benefits to students than disadvantages

Josh Wolfe

May 1, 2018

Along with many of my peers, I am thrilled that I am no longer spending wasteful hours in school after completing two final exams each day this week. Recently, the Atlanta Public Schools district made the change for the new final exam schedule that allows students to leave school at 12:30 p.m. In the end of the first semester, I had survived the long hours and had just finished ...

School must take steps to alleviate parking problems

School must take steps to alleviate parking problems

Sophie Rivard

April 21, 2018

Every morning I am faced with the same question as I drive down 10th Street: should I park my car in the main lot or brave the dirt lot? A pro-con list...

Media center lunch access should not be limited

April 20, 2018

Silent and rigid are words historically synonymous with a library, and in an attempt to keep it that way, the Grady library is limiting the number of students allowed in during the lunch periods to 50. Students seek the library during lunch for a space to study or take a mental check-out from their undoubtedly packed schedule. The 37 minutes allotted for lunch is the only br...

March for Our Lives is less effective when sponsored by administration

Jacob Dillard, Comment Section Editor

April 18, 2018

As soon as news of a national school walkout went viral, Atlanta Public Schools (APS) superintendent Meria Carstarphen wasted no time in making an APS event revolving around it. The end result was a 50 minute program including student speakers, locals coming out to protest with students, and a long lap around the track in protest of gun violence. When APS decided to sponsor the...

Senior editor reflects on time with the Southerner

Caleb Weinstock

April 15, 2018

As my time at Grady comes to an end, I have reflected on what I have done and what I have been a part of. Surprisingly, the Southerner takes up a large piece of my high school memories, and I have taken out a lot more than I thought I would when I joined, just thinking it was a smart pathway to join that might look good on a resume. This newspaper became much more than a resume...

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