Better Safe than Sorry: Campus officers unveil campus security awareness plan

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The Southerner is pleased to publish this column, the first in a series of school security columns written by Grady’s safety security unit.

A NOTE FROM DR. PROPST: Throughout the 2013-2014 school year many parents and students have been asking what Grady students can do to avoid becoming a victim. Officer Denson, Officer Williams, and the safety security unit have come up with a plan to make parents and students aware of their surroundings while on the Grady  campus and some measures that students and parents can adopt to enhance security awareness:

Do you have a cell phone? Have you ever left it unattended?

At Grady High School almost every student has a cell phone, and almost every cell phone is stored in the student’s pocket, purse, or book bag. At some point in the day, your cell phone is left unattended leaving an ample opportunity for it to be stolen.

Cell phone theft is the leading crime on Grady’s campus. The safest place to store your cell phone during the day is your locker. Locker storage provides you the security of knowing that your cell phone will be there at the end of the day and that it will not be going home with someone other than you. Students, if your cell phone is dying it is not safe to take it to the nearest outlet, place it on the charger, and leave it unattended. The same protocol holds true when it comes to your other belongings. The best way to ensure that your belongings, including your cell phone, do not get stolen is to never leave them unattended out in the open.

When in the area around our campus, be aware of your surroundings, especially when in the Midtown shopping plaza, located across the street from Grady at 931 Monroe Drive. Many snatch thefts and pedestrian robberies take place when individuals venture out, before or after school, to this location. It’s against school rules to report to campus then leave to go to the shopping plaza for any reason. After school, however, if students take it upon themselves to venture over to the shopping plaza, you all should travel in groups, and always be aware of who is around and/or watching you. Parents, it is best to advise your student to wait until they are in your care before deciding to go over to the plaza.

Whenever you are parked on campus, no matter if it is during schools hours or during an after-school activity, always remove any valuables from your vehicle. Refrain from leaving bags of any kind on the seats or in the floor. All valuable items, if they cannot be taken with you should be placed in the trunk of the vehicle before arriving on campus. If you wait until you are on campus to move items to the trunk, you risk being seen placing valuable items in the trunk and making yourself a target.

No one is allowed to park in the handicap parking spaces or block those who are parked correctly in a parking space. From now on, if anyone is not parked in a parking space or parked in a handicap parking spot your vehicle will be towed.  


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