Obsession with perfection: an unhealthy focus on an unachievable goal

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By Hannah Ferguson

In today’s society a goal of many is to achieve perfection. However, perfection is something that cannot be achieved. The concept of being ‘perfect’ is different for every individual, and there is no way to cater to everyone’s point of view. If this is the case then why do so many people alter themselves to become ‘perfect?’

This craze of wanting to change to be something you’re not is displayed all over the place, and is mainly followed by girls. Girls are taking what they see around them and assuming that is how everyone should be. They see stunning, Amazon-like supermodels with teeny bodies and immaculate clothes, and they assume that is what everyone should look like.

However, this simply is not the case. In reality only a select group of people look like this, but that doesn’t stop girls from obsessing over thigh gaps and flat stomachs. This obsession for perfection doesn’t only revolve around body image. It involves how you dress, your hair, your makeup, your interests, and basically all together your life.

Girls want to make it appear that everything about them is perfect, but for what? Just because you don’t look like a model on the cover of Vogue doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. Just because you don’t dress like a red carpet celebrity, doesn’t mean you don’t have style. Just because you don’t live up to your standards of perfection, doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect.

Every person has his or her own individual flare, and that is perfect in itself. Who says the models that girls base themselves off of are actually perfect? That decision is only up to you, so why not embrace your individuality and not alter yourself away from the person you really are?

If people continue to try to become perfect, they will never succeed, because in all honesty, perfection isn’t real. It’s a false path that people take to try to change their lives, but it will never have an end. The real end is when you accept yourself for who you are, and that is when you are truly ‘perfect.’

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