Your Home Down 14th Street

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    Q&A Kishi Bashi
    June 20, 2016

    For several years now, Atlanta has been struggling to find an authentic Japanese identity. Well, don’t settle for grocery store sushi, because 14th Street now has a perfect solution. If you are craving some fresh fish imported directly from the famous Tsukiji fish market in Japan, or a taste of the best ramen in town,  find your way to Wagaya, a new lunch and dinner spot for seaweed-wrapped treasures and stone rice bowls of hot and cozy goodness.
    Wagaya, meaning “our home” in Japanese, aims to be inviting with a comforting atmosphere, complete with chunky and rustic wooden benches and dark bamboo walls accenting the space. Artfully assembled sushi and sashimi platters offer an array of flavors and colors, while slurpable bowls of ramen arrive full to the brim. You will come to know it well during your many future lunch runs down 14th Street.
    My personal favorite when I am starving is their Chuka Teishoku, an entire meal including an entire bowl of Wagaya’s irresistible ramen, Japanese fried chicken, fried dumplings, a miso soup and rice. Its prices are a little bit expensive for a high school student’s budget, so it is perfect for a Friday night family dinner. However, I guarantee that you that after one trip to Wagaya, you will not be able to go back to any cheap Japanese take-out ever again, and instant ramen will never satisfy you enough.
    Take it from me, as a native of Japan, it made me close my eyes and enjoy each spoonful with delight and nostalgia.