Ava Williams, sophomore

Katrina Zanbaka

Ava Williams is a sophomore who has dedicated the last two years to pursuing a career in architecture. She is currently in the Technology Student Association (TSA), Atlanta Center for Inquiry (ACCI), American Institution of Architecture (AIA), and is joining the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). 

“I’ve been interested in architecture since eighth grade. We have family friends who are architects and that’s how I started to become interested in it.”

The organizations Williams is in helps her connect with architects in her field, land opportunities such as speaking with owners of firms and getting entered in competitions. Williams does most of her work with commercial restaurants as well as residential buildings. 

“I got fourth place in the TSA competition and for AIA I haven’t gotten the final results yet but they emailed me saying that I am a finalist. I worked really hard and I’m happy with what I got.”

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