APS staff, parents protest to remain virtual


Lindsay Ruhl

Protester holds up a sign displaying the amount of confirmed cases and confirmed deaths in Georgia. Teachers and staff protested at the Atlanta Public Schools district office in downtown Atlanta for the 2020-2021 school year to remain virtual, unless COVID cases go down.

Lindsay Ruhl

Today, around 70 Atlanta Public Schools teachers, staff and parents demanded that APS should not return to in-person learning due to coronavirus safety concerns at a protest outside of the district board headquarters in downtown Atlanta.

APS, under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring, is currently planning on returning to face to face learning next month. Dr. Herring previously backtracked on reopening plans in Oct.; however, she has maintained her stance on a Feb. reopening.

Currently, teachers and staff are scheduled to return to their school buildings on Jan. 19. Students are set to return to school in Jan. and Feb. after almost a year of absence from the in-person learning setting.

Students in prekindergarten through second grade, along with those in the special education program, will return on Jan. 25. Third through sixth graders and those in grades nine and 10 return on Feb. 1. Students in the remaining grades, seventh, eighth, ninth and 10th, go back on Feb. 4.