Parents, students rally for face-to-face option


Dana Richie

Parents of younger students emphasized that virtual learning doesn’t provide the same level of education as in person. Therefore, they urge a face to face option.

Over 150 parents and students from Atlanta Public Schools and DeKalb County Schools gathered on Dec. 6 along 10th Street for the Rally to Reopen Schools. Protesters, young and old, advocated for a face-to-face option for education. Many parents said only in-person education provides their children with the necessary mental and social development, while virtual learning has fallen short in that regard. Some protesters said experts have determined that it is safe to reopen schools, though the number of coronavirus cases in Georgia continues to rise daily. A few parents were protesting specifically for students with special needs to return to school, saying that the hands-on education that comes with face-to-face learning is a need. The protesters urged the administration to consider an immediate implementation of a face-to-face option to prevent further learning loss for their students.