College Board releases details on 2020 AP exams

The College Board has released information on the details of individual exams. The exams will be simultaneously held world-wide, and each subject exam will be 45 minutes long, consisting of free response questions. Different from other years, there will be no multiple choice questions on these online exams. Additionally, each exam has two test dates for students to choose from. Students who prefer to take the exam in May (dates range from May 11-22nd) can do so, and students who prefer to take the exam later may also choose to do so (dates range from June 1-5th). Students can take exams on cellphones, laptops, or computers and will be given 5 minutes to upload their answers after the time allotted for the free response question has run out. College Board says that additional information regarding details of how to access tests will be released “late April.” Click HERE to access individual AP exam details and test schedules. 

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