The Call doesn’t ring any bells

The Southerner

By  Izayah Parks

The Call is about a 911 operator who makes a dire mistake that cost a little girl her life, and in order to save the next victim, she must go above and beyond her call of duty. The Call is a suspenseful thriller that will have you on the edge of your creaky movie seat, bent over biting your nails to little nubs with one eye closed and one still open to see the action.

Although The Call was a top box office hit, it lacked creative substance. The plot was well written at the beginning but you can tell the writer got a little sleepy further into writing the story. Heck, he may even have fallen asleep because of the big gap of missing material in the middle. However, the splotchy writing here and there wasn’t enough to keep this movie down. The writing came back full swing at the end, when the action was busting out of the seams and the nervous viewers where yelling “Run Girl,” “Lock him down there” and “ That’s what I’m talking about” in the heat of the moment.

What made this a good movie? Well, it was something different, something new. Essentially over and over we watch the same movies with different actors and directors, the same sequels, the same book-based movies. The Call brought something new to the table, like Avatar. It contains fresh material, a clean slate, something from which to make further movies and sequels. It wasn’t the great acting, or great plot, or great directing that made this movie, but the fact that it’s something new.

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