Carrie Shevlin, parent


Courtesy of Carrie Shevlin

Sophomore Benton Shevlin (right), Carrie Shevlin, and senior Lily Shevlin stand on the second floor of their third house, Sweet Necessity.

“Over the past couple of years, my small business has been to find lots [in Cape San Blas], build houses, and then to manage them from here, and rent them out to guests. [Our third house] is just a pile of sticks. I am so fortunate that my [other] houses are great. I’m leaving tomorrow with a full SUV of supplies to drop off. I just have some debris cleanup to do. Very very minor…stuff. And then I’m going to see where I can to help out.” -Grady parent Carrie Shevlin describes her experience with the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

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