Young’s book illuminates astrology for wide audience

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Young’s book illuminates astrology for wide audience

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Senior counselor Lamar J. Young released a book, “What’s the Deal with My Sign?: An Insight of Astrology” on Feb. 5 of this year through Page Publishing.

The book focuses on the ins and outs of the zodiac signs and their impact on a person, and how the signs interact with each other “through the primary elements of fire, earth, air and water.”

Young said his aunt, who would read him astrology books and take him to local events and discussions focused on the subject, led him to become interested in astrology at the age of 9. Because of his early exposure, Young said writing a book about astrology was just a matter of pulling his extensive notes and observations collected over years together on a page. From there, he said, his thoughts flowed freely.

“It was easy because it’s inspirational,” Young said. “If I wasn’t inspired, it’d be a task.”

He was also inspired by astrology writer Linda Goodman, whose first book, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs (1968), became the first astrology book to make the New York Times’ Bestseller List.

“She had a really good approach,” Young said.

Rather than scheduling time blocks for writing, Young let the ideas come to him naturally. This no-pressure tactic made stages of writer’s block rare.

“I might get up at 3 a.m. if something hit me. [An idea may come from] an interaction I had earlier that day,” Young said.

“He has always been in tune with people,” said April Patton, the Junior Project Coordinator at Georgia State University.

While the writing process was almost seamless, trying to find a publisher was much more complicated. After publishing companies receive manuscripts, a committee decides whether or not the company should  invest in the author. The process is fairly difficult.

“With so much material, competition can be intense,” Young said.

But despite the arduous process, securing a deal with a publishing company is something Young has appreciated.

“[The publishing company] does the ugly things,” Young said.

SIGN IN THE SKY: Senior counselor Lamar Young enjoys writing in his free time and self-published a book.

SIGN IN THE SKY: Senior counselor Lamar Young enjoys writing in his free time and self-published a book.

Those ugly things include tasks from printing to releasing a press release to converting the manuscript into an ebook, which the author would be responsible for when self-published.

The resources provided by the company proved to be valuable assets, as “What’s the Deal with My Sign?: An Insight of Astrology” is available in print on Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s website and at the  Edgewood and Georgia Tech Barnes & Noble locations. It is also for sale on several ebook platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, Kindle and Nook.

Three copies of “What’s the Deal with My Sign: An Insight of Astrology” will also be available in the library. Librarian Lisa Taft estimates they will arrive within the next six weeks.  

Taft is currently considering holding an event to celebrate the published authors within Grady’s community, which include staff members, students, as well as parents.

Getting the book on the shelves, however, is not the final goal. Of course, the book has to be marketed.

He depends largely on avenues such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the news out. He also has a book signing approaching, which was set up by the publishing company.

Since becoming a published author, Young said he has mostly enjoyed “the ability to have [his] ideas shown on a mass level.”

By having his ideas recognized on a larger platform, he hopes that he can “revive the topic,” especially among millennials.

“My approach is not technical,” Young said, which he believes will make the book much more accessible.

Instead of focusing on things like tarot cards and palm readings, Young’s book focuses on daily interactions between the signs and personality qualities, aspects that can be practiced among anyone.

“It’s not a seance,” said Patton. “[The book] is very conversational, as if he was talking to you.” She said that the way Young assembled his information and expertise “makes it really easy for newbies, who don’t really know who they are, or their strengths and weaknesses.”

As she read the book, there were many moments in which she said to herself, “That is so me.”

Aside from astrology, Young’s other topics of interest include advancements in technology, changes in education, politics, and culture. He also enjoys traveling and has been to several European countries, including Greece, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, as well as Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

As for future works, Young is currently working on a second part to the book, with a goal release date of fall 2017.



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