Juicy new trend in Atlanta

The Southerner

By Brett Pollock

Juice bars began in the 1990’s and are growing in popularity. In the past, these shops were often depicted as a fad for cleansing the body of toxins or weight-loss nuts, but Atlantans of all ages now visit juice bars such as Arden’s Garden, Rawesome Juicery, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Root Juices, Juicy Jenny, Get Fruity Cafe, Kale Me Crazy, Lottafrutta and Juice Bar.  Most of these juice bars make and sell fresh juices, smoothies, detox shots as well as healthy snack options such as sandwiches, salads, wraps and bowls. Many also offer customers the choice to add protein or vitamin supplements to their drinks for a nutritional boost.

Kale Me Crazy is one of the most successful juice bars of the bunch. Its menu is extremely healthy and includes only fruits, roots, nuts, spices and vegetables. With two locations in Inman Park and Decatur and two more under construction in Midtown and Sandy Springs, Kale Me Crazy has capitalized on Atlantans’ quest for vegan, organic dining options.

Many juice bar owners don’t just stop with the creation of a traditional juice shop. Root Pressed Juices, drawing inspiration from pizza chains, offers the option of delivery of its products to customers. Juicy Jenny is meant to look like a coffee shop in its owner’s effort to gain “regulars” and homey, community vibe.

Arden’s Garden was started by Arden Zinn, 20 years ago. Zinn began making smoothies in her kitchen for her family and friends, and after some time, she decided to share her healthy fruity drinks with others. She started the first Arden’s Garden in Atlanta; it was a success. The fresh juice and smoothie shop soon expanded all over Atlanta and to other cities in the Southeast. Arden’s Garden also delivers its fresh juices to large grocery stores, coffee shops, and markets in Atlanta. The unique in-store experience includes getting the chance to pick fresh ingredients and juices to make your own smoothie.

Rawesome Juicery is another local juice bar located in Sweet Auburn Curb Market where it adds a healthy energy to the marketspace. Here you can purchase wraps, juices and smoothies. Its juice is made in-house in the large open kitchen that allows customers to watch the employees prepare your food and smoothies. Rawesome Juicery won Best of Atlanta 2014 in its section.

Lottafrutta is a local favorite that acts as a both a juice bar and restaurant. The Owner of Lottafrutta is Hispanic, giving the store a Latino feel which is shown in the name of the juices, smoothies, fresh cut fruit cups and meals. For example, Cachitos con Huevos, a sandwich with eggs, ham, and cheese on a slightly sweet Latino bun. Their house made chulpe, or toasted corn seeds, are a unique addition to the menu.

Juice bar customers purchase fresh pricey items they believe are more beneficial for their bodies. This willingness to pay more for these specialty drinks is what keeps juice bars popular and striving. thesoutherneronline.com/…5/12/bertmap.psd

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