Senior athletes set important example for other girls

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Written by freshman contributor Ansley Kish in response to “Playing like a girl pays off as two commit to college” by Grace Dusenbury and Sophie Durham.


By Ansley Kish

There’s no doubt that girls these days don’t have or get an equal chance in college sports participation, compared to men. However, recent numbers have jumped. About two in five girls participate in high school sports today. Since 1972, the percentage of woman participants in college athletics has increased by 500 percent. However, chances to take part in women college sports still fall behind mens’ by 60,000 opportunities. Compared to what it was in 1972, it has come a long way, but there is still a long way to go.

Here at Grady, we have two girl athletes who have made the minority and have already committed to playing their specialty sport in college in the following years. Erin Ferris and Grace Dines, both seniors, each have shown what it takes to make it to the top.

Ferris has been working on this goal since she was a little girl, we can see just how much her skills have progressed since then. She started off playing for AYSA, Atlanta Youth Soccer Association, or Inter Atlanta FC now. From there, she moved to SSA, Southern Soccer academy. Next year, Ferris will be attending Armstrong State University, where she has committed to play on their Division II soccer team.

The trend of female empowerment has also made a recent rise. This is a great thing for all female activities. Giving women a chance to show what they are capable of can really come as a shock to many whom are stuck on the idea of the “weak” image of women. The influence and idea of male superiority on girls of all ages has got to stop.

And again with Grace Dines, though she has not been playing for quite as long, her talent has developed quickly into a passion. Dines began playing lacrosse in eighth grade; that shows just how much girls can do today. She has committed to VCU, Virginia Commonwealth University, to play on their Division I team next year, the highest ranking and skill level.

What each of these girls have done is a dream to many. Though the work and perseverance may be extensive, anyone who puts their mind to their dream can accomplish it, and these two girls show proof of it.

Girls in this century have been learning to take a stand in what they are interested in, and not fall back to the standards that have been pre-set for them. The interest that this generation has with taking a stand for what they believe in has really boosted not only girls’ confidence, but boys’ as well. Being confident in oneself can have real impact on their accomplishments. As long as this idea spreads on, statistics and standards will begin to rise to an even better number.

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