Volleyball team sets up for new season

Matt Wood

by Grace Madlem and Matt Wood


Grady’s varsity and JV volleyball team was scheduled to start off their season at Lithia Springs High School on the evening of Aug. 11. After taking a bus ride that lasted 35 minutes, a scheduling miscommunication between Lithia Springs and Grady left the team unable to play, and the team was sent home despite being ready to compete.

The varsity and JV teams still made the time useful, with the junior varsity team assisting in the varsity team’s pre-game practice. This was one of the few times the teams have been able to work together this season, given that the roster for the teams was announced on Sunday.  

“I feel very unprepared because we’ve only had one practice,” sophomore JV player Lucie Myatt said.

Freshman JV player Hope Hawkins took a different stance on the team’s start, and seemed more enthusiastic about the season.

“I want to get on varsity, that’s definitely one of my goals. I also want to perfect my overhand serve,” Hawkins said.

The varsity team will rely on senior leadership from Gabby Poux, Grace Dusenbury, and Anna Poznyak, who all hold the potential to make a major impact on the outcome of the season.

The varsity team also gained two new freshmen players, Katie Wood and Renee King, along with sophomores Katie Earles, Katherine Moore, and Madison Crawford.

While team members missed not being able to compete against Lithia Spring, they are confident next week’s varsity and JV game with Decatur High School will be a hit. Stay tuned for Southerner coverage as the team takes on the Decatur Bulldogs on Thursday at 5pm.