Georgia Scholastic Press Association Awards – April 25, 2013

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Georgia Scholastic Press Association Awards – April 25, 2013




The Southerner

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Staff Awards

Publication Category Ranking
The Southerner Newspaper Superior Rating

General Excellence Award for Small Schools

All-Georgia Award (best newspaper in state)

Grady News Now Broadcast Superior Rating

General Excellence Award

All-Georgia Award (best broadcast program in state)

Nexus magazine Newsmagazine Excellent Rating
Gametime Broadcast Excellent Rating
The Southerner Online

Website Excellent Rating
Nexus Magazine Online

Website Achievement Rating
The Unmasking (2011-2012) Literary Magazine Superior Rating


Special Awards

Georgia Champion Journalist: Isabelle Taft, The Southerner

Junior Champion Journalist Third Place:  J.D. Capelouto, The Southerner

Individual Awards

Category All-Georgia (14) Superior (29)
2 – Broadcast In-Depth News Sofia Sifnaios and Chris Carson – Grady News Now
3 – BroadcastFeature Package Sophie Maschinot & Laura Sommerville – Best of ATL –Revolution Donuts – Grady News Now
4 – Broadcast Production Sophie Maschinot & Laura Sommeriville – Stop the Drop – Grady News Now
5 – Broadcast Sports Package Cassidy Sparks – Signing Day – Gametime
6 – Literary Magazine Poem Leslie Lang – “Ode to Leaves” – The Unmasking Rachel Klika – “The Farm” – The Unmasking
7 – Literary Magazine Short Story Avanti Lemons – “Essay for Stanford” – The Unmasking
10 – Literary Magazine Photograph James Moy – “Polarity Issue Back Cover” – Nexus magazine
11 – Spread Design Kate Taber – Nexus
12 – News Story Archie Kinnane & Axel Olson – “Uproar follows changes at North Atlanta” – The Southerner Ryan Switzer – “Student accidently shoots herself in thigh” – The Southerner Online
13 – In-depth News Story Isabelle Taft – “Murder Suspect Arrested” – The Southerner Isabelle Taft – “Hazed and Confused” –The Southerner Online
14 – Feature Story Grace Power – “Birds of a feather flock together: City dwellers hatch urban farms” – The Southerner
15 – Feature Profile Gracie White – “Tucked away in the woods: Junior Constructs log cabin” – The Southerner Olivia Veira – “Assistant Principal Props Up School with Enthusiasm” – The Southerner Online

Diana Powers – “Grady Alumnus finds dreams overseas in west Africa” – The Southerner Online

17 – Opposing Viewpoints Column Aeron Attwooll & Mary Claire Morris – “Government Should not control our pot”; “Legalizing weedtoo high a price to pay” – The Southerner Online Eli Mansbach & Molly Gray – “Were Israel’s actions against Gaza Justified?” – The Southerner

Rion Turner & Erin Ferris – “Senior looks down upon hazing rituals; freshman thrilled to undergo hazing” –The Southerner Online

18 – House editorials Editorial Board – Staff Editorial –  The Southerner Online Staff – Staff Editorial – The Southerner
19 – Commentary Joe Lavine – “13-year-old thief can’t steal a new life;” “Gun incident reveals racial divide” – The Southerner Online

Grace Power – “Traffic woes not a TSPLOST cause” –The Southerner

Ryan Switzer – “Which Came First The Chicken or the Hate?”; “Django’s Unchained” – The Southerner

20 – Critical Review Carson Shadwell – “Restaurants deceive people with hydroponic lettuce” – The Southerner Online

James Moy – “Trendy tea shop pops up on Ponce” –Nexus Magazine Online

21 – Sports News Story Joe Lavine – “Washington Struggles with Dificult A.D. Job” – The Southerner Online

Troy Kleber – “Led by Weeden, Knights Enter Season Conditioned for State Title” – The Southerner Online

J.D. Capelouto – “Not All Sports Dues Are Created Equally” – The Southerner

23 – Sports Feature Story Ben Searles – “Watkins Dunks His Way Into West Virginia” – The Southerner Online

Ryan Bolton – “Basketball Coach’s Passion Is A Slam Dunk For Players” – The Southerner Online

24 – Sports Column Joe Lavine – “Sports Elicit Love, Serve As ‘Microcosm Of Life’”– The Southerner
25 – Headline writing Isabelle Taft – “Hazed & Confused” – The Southerner Olivia Kleinman – “Old fire-drill plan up in flames” –The Southerner

Olivia Viera – “Baton Bob brings mirth to Midtown” –The Southerner

26 – Caption writing Riley Erickson – “Into the Woods” – The Southerner
27 – Editorial cartoon Will Staples – “Packing Heat? Then Stay off my street” –The Southerner
32 – Information graphic James Moy – “Present and Future go hand in hand” –Nexus magazine
34 – Photo illustration Joe Lavine – “How to do a forward 1 and ½ pike with GriffinKish” – The Southerner Luke Webster – “What does your car say about you?” –Nexus magazine
35 – Double truck/layout design Carson Shadwell and Grace White – “Word of Mouth” –The Southerner




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