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By the editorial board

We are in a changing world. Technology has been becoming a more and more essential aspect of our lives. In most situations, many complain and question the increasing role that technology plays, but it certainly played a fundemental role in the incident at Grady on Feb. 27.

Within minutes of the accidental gunshot, the media was on the scene actively and for the most part accurately reporting the events that had transpired. This allowed the outside world, especially parents, to find out what was happening inside the school. Many parents were left questioning what was going on because of the automated message they received from APS, but thankfully, the media disseminated more information quickly to calm parents.

Inside the school, technology allowed students to learn about the event as well. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and texting allowed images and information to spread quickly.

Of course, some may argue this allowed many of the rumors to be started and quickly circulate through the student body, but it also allowed connections to be made between students in different classes in various parts of the school. And some of this information kept students calm as they learned more about what happened in the tense hours during homeroom.

If we think back to a time that did not have the technology we currently have, the situation would have been handled in a very different manner. Technology allowed the news, false as well as true, to move from person to person resulting in a timely spread of information.

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