Students express opinions on Southerner shooting coverage

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Here is a representative sample of the letters that we have received in response to our coverage of the unfortunate series of events that unfolded on the Grady campus on Feb. 27. Normally, we would not print unsigned letters, but in the interest of creating an open forum on this subject, we are making an exception in this instance.


Dear editors,

I think the Southerner should not have posted information about the incident that occurred today. Grady is a wonderful school as many know and as far as the newspaper of the school reporting the horrible incident was a bad idea. For the many people who visit the Southerner on Facebook or on the website will now look at the link and most likely think otherwise about the school. Unfortunately, this was a big deal to the community and school, so the official news was on the scene and would allow it to be displayed there. The incident should be taken off the website as soon as possible.



Dear editors,

I feel that the coverage of the school shooting was very well done today. I felt the amount of information was spot on and the period in which it was given was very thoughtful. If I could give any advice I would leave out any controversial subjects before posting them. If you don’t know for sure, don’t write an article about it.

And be careful when sending out students to take pictures. If it is a hard lock-down, photography is the last priority compared to students’ safety.

Jennifer Steckl


Dear editors,

I believe that the Southerner handled the incident on Feb, 27 well. The note about the Southerner website on the AJC brought us publicity, though it was for a horrible thing. I also think, though this event could give us a bad reputation, that our school will be supported. We might become “the underdog,” based on the contrast between the incident and the programs that Grady excels in (debate, the Southerner itself, etc.).

The one thing that I did not appreciate was the placement of the photos on Facebook and online people might have been shocked to see the pictures, the one of the gun especially.  People didn’t know that they would see those pictures when they were scrolling through Facebook. Though they had the choice to click on the online article, the pictures should not have been the first things the viewer should have seen. You can’t control exactly who sees these posts and pictures, so assumptions shouldn’t be made on how people will handle the things they see.



Dear editors,

The Southerner should not be in a hurry to say the news. Posting the pictures of the gun was way overboard; they should have waited for the students to ask for the picture.

Posting the picture before the time doesn’t create a good image for Grady.

There should be more secrecy on most of the information that the Southerner has. They should choose appropriately before giving out the information.

Damilola Ogundipe


Dear editors,

I believe that so far the Southerner has handled the shooting news well. I disagree with many of my classmates and how they think that the picture of the gun shouldn’t have been included in the report. People who care about this topic enough to read about it deserve to learn all that they can. The information from the article helped me steer clear of some false rumors I heard such as the wound resulting from a knife and not a gun.

Anders Russell

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