Sublime Doughnuts brings monster out from within

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Sublime Doughnuts brings monster out from within

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By Elizabeth McGlamry

As I watched the dozen doughnuts dwindle away and powdered sugar pile up in front of me, I wondered if eating four large doughnuts in one sitting had been a mistake. But after tasting many of the mouth-watering doughnuts offered at Sublime Doughnuts, I knew it had been totally worth it.
Sublime Doughnuts sits tucked in a small shopping center near Georgia Tech in a one-room shop, with a couple of nicely arranged couches and tables. Eclectic artwork lines the walls and a prominent graffiti reading “Sublime” greets each customer as they enter the shop. Nothing in the store is really that fancy, except for the long list of gourmet doughnuts that sits on the counter.
I, being an excellent reporter, made it my goal to sample almost every one of Sublime’s sublime flavors. So for about an hour, two friends and I sat and tasted (demolished) a dozen of the most prominent of Sublime’s recipes. From the Fresh Strawberry N Creme to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup doughnut, each flavor was absolutely fabulous.
I almost didn’t come up for air after diving into my dozen because I never wanted to stop filling my face with these delectable treats. I grabbed like a madman at the doughnuts and had to restrain myself in fear of a serious stomach ache. I simply couldn’t get enough until the box was totally empty.
On its website, Sublime boasts 26 doughnut flavors at any given time but sometimes adds specialty doughnuts for holidays or other occasions. Each one has a quirky name or flavor, and the prices range from $1 to $2 per doughnut. The $17 price for a dozen of these tasty doughnuts felt like a steal.
After consuming that many doughnuts, I realized another fabulous aspect of Sublime—eating multiple doughnuts did not make me feel terrible or twist my stomach into debilitating knots, like eating at so many other doughnut establishments might. In fact, my friends and I felt we could go another round (and we almost did). The dough was so light and the ingredients were so fresh that we weren’t overcome by a heavy, gross feeling (even though we had just eaten a dozen doughnuts by ourselves).
So while the trip to Sublime may take you a little bit farther down 10th Street than you are used to, it is unquestionably worth the drive. Whether it’s just for a nice breakfast or a gift for a special occasion, a Sublime doughnut will definitely fit the bill. As Sublime brags on its website, “doughnuts are the street thug of the pastry world,” and these doughnuts will certainly kidnap your taste buds and put you in a sugar coma.

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